Classes at The Love of China

Classes at The Love of China

Chinese Dance - Students learn dances from many regions of China, with styles ranging from demure and tender to energetic and strong. Colorful costumes from China and Taiwan create a blaze of color on the stage. The dancers learn how to use props such as the flower basket, red lantern, tambourine, spinning scarf, wooden clogs, and bamboo poles. 

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About the Waiting List

When there are no openings in a class appropriate for your daughter, she may get on the waiting list. If an opening becomes available, the school director will choose possible candidates for the opening, and will contact them directly. You will be contacted only if your daughter has been accepted for the opening: there will be no communications stating "we still have no openings available" or "an opening became available but was filled by someone else on the waiting list". These are the times we will and will not contact you--of course, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

All class assignments are made by the school director, Emily Dedear. Students are generally chosen in the order in which they were added to the waiting list (i.e. students who have been on the list longer will be considered first for any opening), but occasionally other factors may determine the best candidate for an opening. All class assignments are made with the intention of placing the student in the best possible education situation.



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