The Love of China's Teaching Assistants

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Nora Brock began dancing at The Love of China School of Dance when she was only 4 years old. She fell in love with Chinese dance (and with “Ms. Emily!”) and has been dancing ever since!

Nora was born in China and grew up in Austin, TX. In addition to Chinese dance, she has enjoyed Christian liturgical dance, jazz dance, and she currently dances with her school’s dance guard.

Nora is in the 10th grade and is a TA in the Thursday, 5:00pm-6:00pm class. 
Fei Fei Cao has had a deep love for dance ever since she was a little child, and practiced in her school team from elementary to high school. She regretted not having the opportunity to pursue such an activity because academics took priority.

However, several years ago, she met Ms. Emily and the Love of China School of Dance, who helped her reconnect with this passion of hers. She has been learning and working with Ms. Emily ever since, and has helped choreograph multiple dances and has taken part in many performances. In her free time she enjoys watching movies, reading, and playing tennis.
Allison Lee was a student at the Love of China School of Dance, and is a teaching assistant for the Class of Peace. She began dancing with Ms. Emily at age 4, and has participated in many other forms of dance since then.

She is currently a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin studying Business. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, watching k-dramas, spending time with friends, and dancing.  
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Kara Leyendecker is the TA for the class of Truth. She was born in the city of Quzhou in Zhejiang Province, China and was adopted at the age of one. She moved to Texas shortly after and has danced with The Love of China since age 4.

She performed Chinese dances at her pre-school and elementary school, and now attends McNeil High School where she is a sophomore and a member of the Sapphires Dance Team.
Michelle Li has been dancing at Love of China since the age of 6. She enjoys learning all different kinds of dance, including Chinese dance, ballet, and hip hop.

She is the teacher’s assistant for the Class of Joy,and she enjoys teaching them new things every week and watching them grow in their ability, flexibility, and understanding.
Amy Vo is a 12th grade student at Westwood High School who has been studying dance at the Love of China for ten years. She is a member of the Class of Perfection and first began as a teacher's assistant for the Class of Hope in 2016.

In her role assisting at the Love of China, Amy hopes to both help others and broaden her experience with dance.

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