Hip Hop Class - Gracelyn Ladd

Gracelyn   Gracelyn LaddGracelyn started her dance training in ballet, but when she took her first hip hop class in high school, she was hooked. She continued her hip hop training as a member of her high school and university dance teams, and also started teaching and choreographing Bollywood and hip hop fusion pieces for yearly dance showcases. Since graduating from Rice University in 2012, Gracelyn has danced with various professional hip hop companies in Austin, TX, trained at Misfit Dance Camp, and has competed at the international hip hop dance competition, World of Dance.

With an emphasis on teaching to positive, age-appropriate, and profanity-free music, and a knack for for developing strength, musicality and performance personality in her students, Gracelyn loves nothing more than to encourage her students to push themselves to new heights.
Rehearsal footage of
Hip Hop performance
at the Texas State Capitol
Rehearsal footage of
P. Lo Jetson & J. Carter
"This Christmas"

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