Kids Dance Summer Camp Hip Hop Instructor - Amir Hammoudeh

AmirAmir has been dancing since he was 5. He was always a happy boy looking to have fun. Amir found his fun in dance, and is glad he did, and you can see that passion and drive in every move he makes. Amir is motivated to achieve more and more every day, to grow--and that's what his goal is. Before he was was 17, all he learned about dancing was from watching people, videos, and movies. He was all self-taught and didn't start taking classes until 2014. Amir has learned various styles of dance but focuses on hip hop and contemporary. He blends these two with his weirdness to create different stories when he dances.

He loves to push himself and others and help everyone around him. He has been featured on Austin 360 news, been in a music video and performed many times, but so far his most fun achievement was opening up for Tory Lanez and K-Camp on stage. It is the greatest feeling when dancing: he is in his own world and free to express what he wants. When you are around him, you can't help but smile too.

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